Jenkins behind an Nginx Reverse Proxy

Here at Liquidstate HQ, we use the Jenkins [] continuous integration server for a wide variety of tasks: * Web front end for various scripts * Scheduling odd-jobs to run regularly * Running various tasks when changes are made to our local Gogs [] git repositories. Unfortunately, it seems »

Securing SSH with Authy 2FA

Securing Your Server If you have servers accessible from the Internet, either hosted on the cloud or perhaps a home server that you allow incoming connections to, then you've no doubt worried about how to keep your server secure. In this post we'll demonstrate how you can quickly and easily »


We love graphs here at Liquidstate HQ. After over a decade of building scalable infrastructure, we've learned the hard way that if you're not monitoring it, then you're not managing it! What is Graphite? Graphite [] is a scalable a real-time graphing system commonly used in conjuction »

Remote Desktop for Mac with Windows 8.1

I loathe those problems that require lots of fiddling but ultimately turn out to be very simple to fix! Hindsight is wonderful thing! Today's challenge was making a Remote Desktop connection from my MacBook to my home server running Windows 8. This worked perfectly until I recently upgraded to Windows »

Windows 8.1 on HP Microserver N40L

Here at Liquidstate HQ, we have a simple HP Microserver N40L [] running Microsoft Windows that acts as our fileserver. I recently made the mistake of trying to upgrade to Windows 8.1. What a drama. After two days of googling, fiddling, and general hair pulling, »

How I use IFTTT

IFTTT [], short for "If This Then That" (and pronounced "ift"), is a free service that lets you connect various "channels" together through simple conditional statements known as "Recipes". There are over 120 channels available, ranging from social media websites to online storage, mobile phones and even programmable »

Stop Brute-force attacks using IPTables

There's quite a few dedicates bits of software like SSHGuard [], blockhosts [], denyhosts [] and fail2ban [] that will monitor your server logs looking for suspicious activity and then block the »

Liquid Prompt

Liquid Prompt [] adds smart, adaptive functionality to your Bash or Zsh shell prompt. It adds useful information to your prompt based as you need it. For example, if your battery starts running low, an orange symbol will be added to your prompt. Or, if you're »

Text-based histrograms of log files

Have you ever wanted to count the number of log entries grouped by a particular field? For example, reporting how many hits you've received per IP address in an Apache or Nginx log file, or perhaps sort by the response type? Installation Simply add the following histogram function to your »

Openstack Havana Home Lab on CentOS6 with external networking

The Liquidstate Lab Server is an aged Dell PowerEdge 840, which used to run a whitebox [] version of ESXi 4.  However, times change and I didn't fancy trying to re-do all the driver work to get ESXi 5 (or soon 6) »