Bass RockOnce a year, someone (usually Ann) organises an Isle Of May invasion, on or around May Day. A number of RIBs all go out to the Isle Of May with 20-30 divers. This year was no different, with 4 RIBs carrying approximately 25 divers. Sadly, we had to delay our day out this year because of everyone's scheduling.

Anyway, we all battered down to North Berwick to be there bright an breezy. Rachel very kindly gave Will and I lift down. The only downside was that she was picking me up "around 7" ... secret code for "too bloody early!". Rachel's new pimp wagon got us down there with plenty of time to help out with the boats. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit against us, so rather than Isle Of May, we chose to do the first dive at Bass Rock, and the second at Craigleith island.

The first dive to Bass Rock was a really easy scenic dive to around 20 metres. Alex, Steve and I dived as a group, with Alex leading on his KISS rebreather, and Steve and I operating as a buddy pair. We saw plenty of lobsters, a few fish (quell surprise), and plenty of sponges as we passed by the wall. All in all, a nice simple, pleasant dive. The water temperature was pretty toasty, so were down there for 50 minutes! I think I heard the figure 10 degrees passed around ... my god ... double figures! A little different to my previous dives this year!