After a great holiday, it was eventually time to head home - but not before we made just one last stop. Of course, our stop as in yet another country ;-) We left Reykjavik just after dinner on Friday night, and within ten minutes of leaving the harbour, we spotted a massive shark, which we move past incredibly slowly so we could get a good look. After that, we set our sails and headed towards our next destination; Thorshavn, Faroe Isles.Robert flew in from Reykjavik to help us with the long sail home. After such a great holiday, it was a shame to leave, but it was good to finally be at sea, rather than just living in the harbour. The trip featured mostly light airs, but we did manage to get some sailing in. Although a 70 hour trip would normally be considered long, it didn't seem that bad after our sail to Iceland. Everyone settled into the watches alright, and we all generally got on with the job. 430 miles, 24 night hours ... doddle ;-)

We didn't get much of a chance to check out the Faroe Isles, but we hung around long enough to refuel, and have what was rumoured to be the best steak ever. Unfortunately, the Faroe Isles dont seem to have the tourist thing quite sorted out yet. They've got a big problem with alcohol over there, and well, the locals certainly seemed to be in err... "good spirits" and somewhat surprised to see the girls in our crew drinking beer with the rest of them!  But, to be fair, we didn't get any trouble - so, no harm, no foul!

The sail back home was a bit more exciting than we originally planned. Shortly after leaving, the wind was up to force 8, and we spent several hours running downwind. After around 12 hours, the wind calmed to force 5/6, which was much easier to handle. Apart from two small (very tired) birds joining us, it was a very uneventful trip. "Hoff" eventually flew off, but Im afraid "Hassel" didn't pull through in the end. Poor guy, we was a long way from home. After just another 440 miles, we were back home in asunny Troon. We were tied up by 6pm, and all the crew were more than ready to enjoy the infamous arrival beer. After a 72 hour trip (and another 24 night hours), we were all glad to be back home - but, still, there was a tiny longing to turn around and head back out!