Sailing 2010 033.JPG After our holiday in Ireland, Robert wanted the boat left in Oban where we would collect it the following weekend to begin his own holiday trip through the Caledonia Canal and up to Shetland.  Jen's mum took the ferry over to Larne and met us at Carrickfergus where she would collect Kyle and Rus and Alimay, who had a wedding to go to (not theirs!).  That left me, Jen and Lise to get the boat back up to Oban - about a hundred miles away.

We didn't have much wind, so we were on the engine for most of it.  Jen and I both lead a watch each, with Lise on a staggered shift pattern so that Jen and I were only spending an hour or so on deck solo.  We made pretty good time and arrived in Oban in the early evening.