TurtleDhonfanu is an oval shaped reef starting at a depth of 7 to 14 meters. One side of the Thila forms a beautiful swim-through beginning at 18 meters and ending around 25 meters. There is a canyon on the other side of the Thila between the main reef and a large block that stands slightly with astonishing corals and aquatic life. When the conditions are right, Grey reef sharks, Eagle rays, Barracudas and big schools of Jack fish can be seen.

We originally went hunting for Mantas, but it didn't quite go according to plan. Instead though, while Jen and I were off exploring by ourselves, we managed to find ourselves a friendly turtle who was feeding off the coral.  We were originally doing our 6-9m safety, but the turtle at 16m was just too good to miss!  Can't wait to see the photos!