TurtleThe first dive of our holiday was at Eriyadhu in the North Male Atoll.  We landed at Male Airport early on the 26th, after about 13 hours in the air.  By mid-day, we were already in the water!  It was a really simple dive, designed as a check-out dive to give everyone a chance to check their kit over.  Just as well really, because both Jen and I were a little underweighted to begin with - partly due to diving in our new 5mm wetsuits, but no doubt also due to the fact we haven't been diving for a year or two!

The dive was very scenic, and the Maldives is a fantastic place to go diving. Even on our first dive me managed to find ourselves a turtle!   Afterwards, we had time to unpack, sort our bags, and get to know some the others on the boat while we steamed towards the Baa Atoll.