Diving in the MaldivesThe Nelivaru Thila is "bean" shaped with a steep wall on one side and a sandy slope on the other. The crest of the Thila is at 5 meters deep with overhangs between 11 to 22 meters. There are huge coral blocks on both ends of the Thila. Many varieties of hard corals can be found here as well as concentrations of marine life. You can easily spot Lion, Scorpion, andStone fish and perhaps a school of hunting Jack fish. The cleaning stations situated on the sandy side of the Thila attract many Manta Rays for a thorough cleaning during the Low season.

We were really hoping to find some Manta Rays, but it was still early in the season, so we didn't know what to expect. The Nelivaru reef was a great dive. We started at the rocks on the eastern side, waiting for manta, and then swam half way along the southern edge of the Thila. Along the way we say Scorpion fish, a shrimp in a hole with a gobie standing guard, an octopus hiding, Lion fish, big moray eels, snappers, and parrot fish. The current started to get a bit strong half way along the southern edge, so we turned tail and headed back to the rocks.  Just as well we did, because we had a single Manta Ray swim over.  Absolutely breathtaking creatures!