SS. MeldonA rib / wreck dive with Sarah Forbes at SS Meldon, Loch Buie, South Mull.

The Meldon is a 1572nt steel steamship built by R Stephen & Co of Newcastle in 1902. She was lost on 3rd March 1917, after the German submarine U-78 laid mines in the Firth of Lorne during the first couple weeks of 1917.

The Meldon was on passage from South Wales with a cargo of coal when she struck a mine off the Garvellachs forcing her master to run her aground in Loch Buie before she sank.

Her wreck lies on a gently sloping seabed with the stern sitting in around 8 metres and the remains for the bow in 13 metres. The rudder post often breaks the surface at low water.

Below the rudder post, the huge propeller and rudder can be found fully entact - which is very impressive. As you move to the bow, the wreck deteriorates although engine and boiler are still recognisable.

Water Temperature: 9C
Deco: 1min @ 7m (on top of boilers before coming up)