Freenode on WeeChat on CentOS 6

IRC (Internet Relay Chat []) seems to be making a bit of a come back as of late, so I thought it was about time I made a more permanent presence, rather than just popping in via web clients from time to time. »

Vagrant Fedora 19 Box using Veewee and RVM

I'm currently doing some development work with Red Hat OpenShift Origin [], which is primarily (currently) developed for Fedora 19.  As part of my efforts to fix up the Puppet [] module [] used for deployment, I wanted »

Dell DRAC 4/P with Windows 8

The Liquidstate Lab contains a Dell PowerEdge 840 tower server with a DRAC 4/P lights-out card.  The DRAC card is great for remote administration, but unfortunately its firmware is now a little out of date.  When trying to open a console from a modern PC, you'll likely get an »

Pimping PuTTY

In my last role, SecureCRT was my console of choice, but my new employer doesn't offer it sadly.  So, instead, I've diligently being using PuTTY [], a very popular freely available open source SSH client for Windows. PuTTY is perfectly functionable out of »

How to restart Windows 8 from an Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

Here at Liquidstate, we have a home server running Windows 8.  It might seem like a simple thing, but today I drew a blank when trying to restart the server remotely from a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).  If you try the normal routes, then the only option available to you »

My HP MicroServer (N40L)

I've been using an HP ProLiant MicroServer (N40L) as my  home server for about 3 months now.  It's been a reliable little work horse and has ticked along quite happily.  I thought it was maybe time for me to share some of my thoughts on the box. Like most people, »

Task Management is only half the story

Most people have a task management system of some description, even if its just some very high level goals scribbled on a scrap of paper.  However, writing a to-do list is only half the story.  No matter how good the task list, many people will struggle to get ahead and »

How to quickly convert Mbps to GB per day

I've been working on a few data centre migration projects recently and a common question is "given x Mbps network throughput, how many gigs of data can we transfer per day?"  And, the same question in reverse, "what is the minimum bandwidth required to transmit a given a number of »

I'm Bryan Ross, and This Is How I Work

LifeHacker has an interesting feature where various people (mostly entrepreneurs) are asked to answer a few questions that give an insight as to how they might work.  Correlation does not imply causation, and I'm not sure you'd want my mediocre "success" anyway, so you should take this post with a »

Become an Outlook Searching Ninja!

In my previous post about Stop Filing Emails [], I suggested that tools like Outlook Instant Search (and GMail Search) were not sufficiently reliable to allow you to simply store all your emails in one big archive and use search filters to recall on-demand, »