P6051940.JPG In preparation for our sailing holiday in Ireland, it was agreed that me and Jen's Dad would sail the boat over from Troon to Carrick Fergus and the girls would follow on the ferry with Kyle the next day.

Robert and I left on Friday evening after work, with a view to sailing through the night and arriving in Ireland no later than lunchtime.  As it turned out, we got little sailing and ended up on the engine for most of the way there.  Because we were both able to lead a watch, we just rotated every hour and arrived in Carrick Fergus ahead of schedule, around 8am.

I think both of us had been a little "interested" in how we were going to arrive in marina with only two people onboard!  As it turned out, the weather was favourable and Carrick Fergus marina was able to offer a lovely long hammer head pontoon.  No fuss, easy done!  Not sure it would have been quite so simple given a different berth or weather conditions, but any arrival is an arrival!  Sadly the local greasy spoon wasn't serving beer yet (it was only 9am), but they did knock together a monster fry up for us both!  The girls arrived by car on the Larne ferry a few hours later and we all went for lunch.