29/08/2003: After a really long drive all the way from Edinburgh to Ardfen, we finally arrived in what looked the worlds most unlikely place to put a harbour. Anyway, after lots of well wishing from the previous crew, they handed over to us, and we prepared for a long sail down round the Mull Of Kintyre, and over to our home port of Troon.

30/08/2003: Everyone up bright and early for our 8am departure. An absolutely beautiful sunset, and absolutely no wind. I take her out of the harbour, and off we go... The log reads "Donk, Donk, Donk... is 9.30am too early for a beer?". Not a puff of wind, so we did some nav, set some waypoints, whacked on the autohelm, and kicked back with a few beers.

Unfortunately, our skipper doesn't deal too well with no wind, so she got bored. After a quick phone call, we were told that now wasn't the time to be learning how to fly the spinnaker... so, well, she started firing people up the mast!! Its a great buzz standing at the top of a mast, as you hurtle down past Gigha at 7 knots. Really wanna go back another day with my camera and take some pictures of the boat. She looks beautiful from up there.

Because we had motored all the way down from Ardfen, we were a few hours early for our tidal window around the Mull, so we battered against the tide for a while, until we were spat out the other side, for a short leg up to Cambeltown. 12 hours of gorgeous weather... no sailing, but at least we all got a tan. Infact, Gee resembles a panda ;-)

31/08/03: After a few beers in Cambeltown, we set off around 10.45am, for our last passage. Again, no wind, so this time we did some MOB's under sail to keep ourselves amused. Much to our surprise, they went really well, with everyone getting a go at each job. George went for a swim 8 times, and each time he was recovered within 3-4 minutes. Not bad!!! Arrival in Troon 7 hours later.