17/10/03: Left Troon at 12.15, after our usual 'boat chat', quick run through, and the obligitory pontoon bashing sessions. A bit stronger wind this weekend, so although we had a few that weren't quite perfect, it would be good practice for our return!

Anyway, once we were under way, we had a good solid sail up to Tarbet. The wind kinda died around 4 o'clock ish, so it was time to pull out our usual party trick of sending people up the mast. This time I was prepared with my new shiny digital camera tied round my neck!! Some of the photos are really cool :-) Dave didn't fancy the look of it much, but Kev took a gamble and slithered his way up to the first set of spreaders.

Another perfect sunset, and a perfect opportunity to take some 'arty' photos. We got into Tarbet at 18.30, but there wasn't any free pontoon slots, so we had to raft alongside another boat. The bad news is that they were leaving early, which meant we had to leave at 8am the next morning :( After a good meal and a few pints down the pub, all were merry.

18/10/03: Kev appears to have developed a strange passion for hob nobs. Anyway, another day of perfect sailing weather. Left nice and early, 8.30am, giving our neighbours plenty of time/space to depart. A steady Force 5/6 all the way home to Largs. Quite strong winds for us arriving in Troon, but nothing our fearless crew (cough... skipper) couldn't handle. Thanks to the wind, we were back home for 1 o'clock!