After picking up the crew, including a new addition, Niall, we headed through to the boat. Niall had some friends in Troon, so we joined them in Troon's answer to "Byker Grove" for a couple of drinks. Saturday morning we were up bright and early to start our weekend. We left the marina as planned, but our mail sail didn't feel like coming it out. The company who had valeted the sails didn't wrap them properly, so we had to return home for some repair work. Of course, as soon as we return to the marina, the heavens open and we get soaked!! After a bit of head scratching, we decided the best bet was to put someone up the mast, and get them to help the sail out properly. Of course, still raining, up I went in full foul-weather gear. Thankfully, the main sail came out pretty easy, and we were soon on our way again. This time we got out the marina, but there was absolutely no wind. Needless the say the rain had now stopped, and been replaced with glorious sunshine!! We donked our way up to Milport for some man-overboard drills, and after a few runs, we noticed that the wind was picking up. We took the opportunity to get our sails up, and had a great sail round the top of Great Cumbrie, getting into Largs just in time for some well deserved dinner. There wasn't much wind (but plenty of sunshine!) on Sunday morning, so we decided to donk back to Milport where we could pick up a few mooring buoys and have a bite to eat. We decided to drag out our dinghy and give the outboard a wee test. After a few attempts (and a bit of colourful language), we were on our way to the shore for some ice-cream and a drink at one of the local pubs. After a nice wander ashore in the brilliant sunshine, we returned to the boat and headed for Troon. We donked half the way home, but it didn't take long for us to find some wind. Up went the sails again for another great trip back home. All in all, a fantastic weekend, a great crew, and a nice gentle start to the season!