Originally Jenny and I had planned to take the boat out by ourselves and just go sailing for a while. Thankfully, Jenny's Dad decided to come along as well, allowing us to setup a watch system. My watches were simply 2 hours on, 2 hours off - which poses a new challenge to my insomnia!

Its amazing how peaceful it is out there in the early hours of the morning. Not a single sound except the lapping of the water as the boat slices through the waves. There was just the right amount of wind to keep us moving, but steady enough for us to use the autohelm for most of the night. I originally thought it was going to be a slightly stressful sail, but in the end, it was really nice and restful.

After a 9 hour bimble around the Clyde, we returned home to nice sunny weather. Out came the sun loungers... followed closely by the beer. Night sailing has a strange effect on the body, and all of a sudden it seems perfectly normal to be out in the garden, drinking beer at 9am on a Sunday morning!

Great sail, and thanks to Jenny and family for enduring a night sail for no reason!!!