02/08/03: After a wee bit of pontoon bashing at Troon, we headed out towards Arran, an up towards Milport, where we could stop, catch a buoy, and have some well deserved lunch. Our original plan was to nip round the top Arran, and stay over night either at Lamlash (anchorage), or Lochranza (mooring buoy). Unfortunately, the sea state went for poor Kev's stomach, so we thought a shorter trip to Largs might be a better idea... besides... there's a PUB there!!!Had a good night out in Largs. Walked into town, and had ourselves a rather tasty chippie on the water front. Jesus it was cold, and damn is it a long walk home!

03/08/03: Sunday morning (cough... 12 o clock), and its time to head home. Kev is feeling much better today, and although we don't have much wind, at least the weather is nice! This time we stop at Brodwick Bay (on the south/east of Arran) for lunch. After leaving our mooring buoy under sail (purists eh!), we goose-winged (painfully slowly) back towards Troon. Wind died completely, so we donked the rest of the way home. Arrived back at 8pm, all crew suitably knackered.

Oh... and Kev gives birth to the "Kowline"... dont ask!!