BSACA shore / training dive with Ted / Zoe at Loch Long.

Diver Rescue - Revision of Controlled Buoyant Lift (CBL) of an unconscious casualty from depth. Recover casualty to shore with appropriate CPR.

Our second dive of the day, and my turn to demonstrate recovery of an unconscious casualty from 6 metres.

The CBL went well, but with some hesitance around the 3 metre mark. I paniced slightly about ascending too fast, and ditched too much air. A wrist-mounted depth guage would have been very handy!

The tow seemed effortless, partly due to Zoe's slight figure, and perhaps also thanks to my new Scuba Pro Jet Fins! Likewise, the de-kit process was well executed. Everything was kept calm and in control, while delivering regular AV breaths. After dragging poor wee Zoe up the beach, and another couple of AV breaths, and we were all done.