BSACA rib / training dive with Owen Davies / Dave Crampton at Craigleith Island, Forth.

Dive Leading/Basic Skills Review - Plan a dive within the limitations of previous experience.

My first attempt at dive leading as a Sports Diver. Not knowing the area was perhaps not the best start to the experience. However, unhindered, we entered the water after a quick briefing and buddy-check.

The began well, and although preoccupied with navigation, I managed to keep an eye on my two buddies. We descended to around 6 metres, and gradually went deeper as my confidence grew.

There was a wee bit of swell, but nothing uncomfortable. After a while however, the visibility gradually reduced to practically nothing! Although I realised this was out of my level of experience, I knew I was diving with two compentent buddies, and they would keep me right!

We turned on our torches to make ourselves visible, and followed the rock up to a shallower depth where we could safely deploy an SMB. As I had not had the opportunity to deploy my dSMB from depth in a previous training dive, Owen signalled for me to put up my blob with a little help from Dave.

The visibility improved around 8-10 metres, which Owen later explained to me as predictable. We should have probably stayed around that depth, and we would have had a much better dive.

So... a couple of good lessons learnt!!!