BSACA rib / training dive with Sandra Castro, Josie Chaplin at Bass Rock, Forth.

Masking Clearing / Pleasure Dive.

There's nothing more fun than clearing your mask in UK waters. Well, im sure that's what Sandra was thinking when she begged Josie and I not to ask for a demonstration!

I went first, removing my mask, (purposefully) messing up my strap, and then fumbling about until I got it back on and cleared. Sandra wasn't expecting me to play with the strap, so she struggled for a few minutes to find a signal for show off :-)

After some underwater congratulations for completing our Sports Diver Training, we just went off a nice little scenic dive. Plenty of wild life and a good opportunity to unwind after a weekend of quite intensive training. At the end of the dive, Josie and I put my dSMB up and we headed back to North Berwick for some food, a beer, and lots of signing of books!