Bryan DivingA hardboat / scenic dive with Josie Chaplin at The Black Carrs, St Abbs. Originally planned as a shore dive, we arrived to find the seas were a little rough. Thankfully, Billy was just about to take his boat out with a handful of divers. We joined them for a nice wee scenic dive.

This was a great start to diving without the support of an instructor. After a dive brief from Billy, the skipper, Josie and I entered the water last. The plan was basically to head due south, keeping out of the cluster of rocks to the west. Really easy, head east for deeper water, west for shallow - keep depth to the teens :)

We jumped in and headed south as instructed, keeping depth to around 15 metres. We had been told that we would need to poke around for wild life, so we took our time, poking our torches into any holes we could find. I managed to locate a few crabs and the occasional fish. There was some really interesting sea anemones, including some cool blue ones :) Really demonstrating my advanced knowledge of marine biology :P

Highlight of the dive was probably near the end where we came the outside of the rock cluster. We stared up the rock face from 16 metres all the way to the surface. At the top, we could see kelp gently swaying with the waves. Gorgeous :)