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USS Ludlow

I need to check my facts, but Im sure Alex said is was the Ludlow we were diving today - just outside North Berwick. Unfortunately, the Internet seems to be a bit dry (pun intended) on wreck info for this one. I found a couple of Ludlow wrecks, but most »

Diving at the Bass Rock

Once a year, someone (usually Ann) organises an Isle Of May invasion, on or around May Day. A number of RIBs all go out to the Isle Of May with 20-30 divers. This year was no different, with 4 RIBs carrying approximately 25 divers. Sadly, we had to delay our »

Bass Rock

A scenic dive at the Bass Rock from Gary Lawson's Rib, Pegasus. A few problems with kit on the way in though. First of all, my mask strap broke just before i went in the water, so I managed to botch a fix to that by tieing it off. Once »