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Maldives Honeymoon - Dhonfanu

Dhonfanu is an oval shaped reef starting at a depth of 7 to 14 meters. One side of the Thila forms a beautiful swim-through beginning at 18 meters and ending around 25 meters. There is a canyon on the other side of the Thila between the main reef and a »

Maldives Honeymoon - Eriyadhu

The first dive of our holiday was at Eriyadhu in the North Male Atoll.  We landed at Male Airport early on the 26th, after about 13 hours in the air.  By mid-day, we were already in the water!  It was a really simple dive, designed as a check-out dive to »

Maldives Honeymoon - Nelivaru

Another dive on the Nelivaru Thila, in hope of spotting more Manta Rays.  No rays unfortunately, but we did come across a free-swimming eel and lots of sea cucumbers.  We started at the rocks on the eastern edge of the Thila again, but this time the current was weaker, so »

Maldives Honeymoon - Nelivaru

The Nelivaru Thila is "bean" shaped with a steep wall on one side and a sandy slope on the other. The crest of the Thila is at 5 meters deep with overhangs between 11 to 22 meters. There are huge coral blocks on both ends of the Thila. »

USS Ludlow

I need to check my facts, but Im sure Alex said is was the Ludlow we were diving today - just outside North Berwick. Unfortunately, the Internet seems to be a bit dry (pun intended) on wreck info for this one. I found a couple of Ludlow wrecks, but most »

Diving at the Bass Rock

Once a year, someone (usually Ann) organises an Isle Of May invasion, on or around May Day. A number of RIBs all go out to the Isle Of May with 20-30 divers. This year was no different, with 4 RIBs carrying approximately 25 divers. Sadly, we had to delay our »

Bass Rock

A scenic dive with Ted Francis from Gary Lawson's RIB, Pegasus. Nice little dive on the west side of Bass Rock. Lots to see, including a (dead) octopus, a lobster, and we even got buzzed by a seal - which was pretty cool! »

Bass Rock

A scenic dive at the Bass Rock from Gary Lawson's Rib, Pegasus. A few problems with kit on the way in though. First of all, my mask strap broke just before i went in the water, so I managed to botch a fix to that by tieing it off. Once »

Advanced Nitrox Training Dive 2

A rib / training dive with Clive & Ted at Bass Rock, North Berwick. Training dive for Advanced Nitrox Course. Practice of ascent using dSMB and deco gas. Safe switch of gas and deployment of dSMB mid-water. Controlled safety stop at 9m and 6m. Standard Dive Kit + new main and pony »

Advanced Nitrox Training Dive 1

A rib / training dive with Clive & Ted at Bass Rock, North Berwick. Training dive for Advanced Nitrox Course. Practice of safe gas-switching and dSMB deployment from bottom. Standard Dive Kit + new main and pony cylinders. Main Cylinder: Nitrox 21 (air) Pony Cylinder side-slung: Nitrox 25 »