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Channel Isles Holiday 2007

The Channel Isles holiday is/was somewhat of a big deal for me. I've been an active sailor for seven years, covered thousands of miles, participated in several annual sailing holidays and seen my fair share of nasty weather. However, this year marked my biggest challenge - to act as »

Sailing Weekend

We originally had planned to have Gee/Dom along for a final 'proper' sail before the end of the season. Unfortunately, Gee dropped out, but Kev stepped up into his place. Maybe he knew something we didn't :-) 1/11/03: After having a look at the weather, and talking »

Sailing Weekend

29/08/2003: After a really long drive all the way from Edinburgh to Ardfen, we finally arrived in what looked the worlds most unlikely place to put a harbour. Anyway, after lots of well wishing from the previous crew, they handed over to us, and we prepared for a »

Ireland Holiday 2003

First of all, we got the crew together - who had mostly not met each other before! Thankfully, we were mostly all from Edinburgh, apart from Stan, who we picked up from the airport on our way through to the west coast. 28/06/03: The plan for the first »