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Orkney Holiday 2004

Troon -> Campbelltown Live MOB for 2 hours Campbelltown -> Ardentrive (Oban) fast round the mull Ardentrive -> Portree (Syke) dolphins skye bridge Portree -> Stromnesss (Orkney) weather cape wrath fog force 8/9 cliffs of orkney tidal window beat into wind for tidal gate) arrival »

Sailing Weekend

After picking up the crew, including a new addition, Niall, we headed through to the boat. Niall had some friends in Troon, so we joined them in Troon's answer to "Byker Grove" for a couple of drinks. Saturday morning we were up bright and early to start our »

Sailing Weekend

29/08/2003: After a really long drive all the way from Edinburgh to Ardfen, we finally arrived in what looked the worlds most unlikely place to put a harbour. Anyway, after lots of well wishing from the previous crew, they handed over to us, and we prepared for a »

Sailing Weekend

16 02/08/03: After a wee bit of pontoon bashing at Troon, we headed out towards Arran, an up towards Milport, where we could stop, catch a buoy, and have some well deserved lunch. Our original plan was to nip round the top Arran, and stay over night either »