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Remote Desktop for Mac with Windows 8.1

I loathe those problems that require lots of fiddling but ultimately turn out to be very simple to fix! Hindsight is wonderful thing! Today's challenge was making a Remote Desktop connection from my MacBook to my home server running Windows 8. This worked perfectly until I recently upgraded to Windows »

Windows 8.1 on HP Microserver N40L

Here at Liquidstate HQ, we have a simple HP Microserver N40L running Microsoft Windows that acts as our fileserver. I recently made the mistake of trying to upgrade to Windows 8.1. What a drama. After two days of googling, fiddling, and general hair pulling, it seems there's a fairly »

How to restart Windows 8 from an Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

Here at Liquidstate, we have a home server running Windows 8.  It might seem like a simple thing, but today I drew a blank when trying to restart the server remotely from a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).  If you try the normal routes, then the only option available to you »