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Iceland Sailing 2006

After a great holiday, it was eventually time to head home - but not before we made just one last stop. Of course, our stop as in yet another country ;-) We left Reykjavik just after dinner on Friday night, and within ten minutes of leaving the harbour, we spotted »

Iceland Holiday 2006

As the Iceland trip was our most technically complex trip to date, it was agreed that rather than our usual "outbound" and "return" crews, we would help each other. So, for the delivery trip, Robert got the help of Jen, Russ, and me.  Likewise, on the »

Iceland Delivery Trip 2006

Robert has always wanted to sail to St Kilda, so its seemed like a good basis for a sailing trip. But, unfortunately, St Kilda is only accessible in certain weather conditions. We sat in the pub one night thinking of how we could organise the trip, and what we would »

Sailing Weekend

(Troon -> Lamlash -> Troon) Day sailing out of Troon with Jen, Bryan, Kev, Russell, Fiona and Simon »

Wales Sailing Holiday 2005

7th August 0745 -> 1935 Penarth (Cardiff) -> Swansea 55.6nm / 12 hours Went up the mast, fun with the Swansea locks! 9th August 1010 -> 2034 Swansea -> Neyland 66.1nm / 10.5 hours More fun in the locks, dolphins, blind nav, "come along »

Orkney Holiday 2004

Troon -> Campbelltown Live MOB for 2 hours Campbelltown -> Ardentrive (Oban) fast round the mull Ardentrive -> Portree (Syke) dolphins skye bridge Portree -> Stromnesss (Orkney) weather cape wrath fog force 8/9 cliffs of orkney tidal window beat into wind for tidal gate) arrival »

Sailing Weekend

Troon -> Milport (night sail) Milport -> Tarbert (good sail) Tarbert -> Troon (6am - 11am) »

Sailing Weekend

After picking up the crew, including a new addition, Niall, we headed through to the boat. Niall had some friends in Troon, so we joined them in Troon's answer to "Byker Grove" for a couple of drinks. Saturday morning we were up bright and early to start our »

Sailing Weekend

We originally had planned to have Gee/Dom along for a final 'proper' sail before the end of the season. Unfortunately, Gee dropped out, but Kev stepped up into his place. Maybe he knew something we didn't :-) 1/11/03: After having a look at the weather, and talking »

Sailing Weekend

17/10/03: Left Troon at 12.15, after our usual 'boat chat', quick run through, and the obligitory pontoon bashing sessions. A bit stronger wind this weekend, so although we had a few that weren't quite perfect, it would be good practice for our return! Anyway, once we were »

Sailing Weekend

16 02/08/03: After a wee bit of pontoon bashing at Troon, we headed out towards Arran, an up towards Milport, where we could stop, catch a buoy, and have some well deserved lunch. Our original plan was to nip round the top Arran, and stay over night either »