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How I use IFTTT

IFTTT [], short for "If This Then That" (and pronounced "ift"), is a free service that lets you connect various "channels" together through simple conditional statements known as "Recipes". There are over 120 channels available, ranging from social media websites to online storage, mobile phones and even programmable »

Task Management is only half the story

Most people have a task management system of some description, even if its just some very high level goals scribbled on a scrap of paper.  However, writing a to-do list is only half the story.  No matter how good the task list, many people will struggle to get ahead and »

I'm Bryan Ross, and This Is How I Work

LifeHacker has an interesting feature where various people (mostly entrepreneurs) are asked to answer a few questions that give an insight as to how they might work.  Correlation does not imply causation, and I'm not sure you'd want my mediocre "success" anyway, so you should take this post with a »

Become an Outlook Searching Ninja!

In my previous post about Stop Filing Emails [], I suggested that tools like Outlook Instant Search (and GMail Search) were not sufficiently reliable to allow you to simply store all your emails in one big archive and use search filters to recall on-demand, »

A more efficient you!

One of the things I pride myself on at work is my productivity and organisational skills.  Its not something that comes naturally as I have a tendency to become distracted by the latest new thing.  I've tried various methods of organising my workload and over time, I've adapted a system »

Stop filing everything!

I used to pride myself on how well organised my "stuff" was.  At home, I diligently hole punched my bank statements and other various incoming dead tree sources and put them in a collection of ring binders, all in chronological order naturally.  Likewise, at work, I sorted my emails into »