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Ireland Sailing Holiday 2011 - delivery to Oban

After our holiday in Ireland, Robert wanted the boat left in Oban where we would collect it the following weekend to begin his own holiday trip through the Caledonia Canal and up to Shetland.  Jen's mum took the ferry over to Larne and met us at Carrickfergus where she would »

Ireland Sailing Holiday 2011

The Ireland Sailing Holiday was a little different from our usual; for a starter, we stayed in the same place for a week!  After Robert and I had sailed the boat from Troon to Carrickfergus, Jen and Chris came over on the ferry to Larne with Kyle.  Robert had some »

Ireland Sailing Holiday 2011 - The Delivery

In preparation for our sailing holiday in Ireland, it was agreed that me and Jen's Dad would sail the boat over from Troon to Carrick Fergus and the girls would follow on the ferry with Kyle the next day. Robert and I left on Friday evening after work, with a »

Clyde Sailing Holiday 2011

Just come back from an absolute cracker of a sailing holiday with Ben, Fi, baby Ella and resident crew, Lise.  This was our first trip with two babies onboard and it was either going to go very well or very badly! We started off in our home port of Troon »

Western Isles Sailing Holiday 2010 - Part 4

I've been sailing for about ten years, since being dragged into it by my then-girlfriend-now-wife, Jen.  Throughout that time, my skills have progressed and I'm at a point where I don't mind telling people that, yes, "I can sail".  I've seen my share of problems, bad weather and equipment failure. »

Western Isles Sailing Holiday 2010 - Part 3

After a quiet week in Oban with Mhairi, Emma and Lise it was time for our resident sailor Rus to join us, with his girlfriend Alimay.  This was also set to be the point where I took over as skipper, taking on the responsibilities of getting us from A to »

Western Isles Sailing Holiday 2010 - Part 2

After a successful week cruising around Mull with the family and getting Kyle settled with boat life, it was time for a new challenge - two babies on a boat!  Mhairi brought along her wee daughter Ella, who is roughly ages with Kyle.  Unfortunately, due to various scheduling issues with »

Western Isles Sailing Holiday 2010 - Part 1

Jen and I travelled up to Oban for a family holiday on Sat 17th.  The rest of the Masterton clan had already spent a week or so in Oban so we didn't hang around, and the next morning we were on our way to Loch Aline, on the Sound of »

Shetland Sailing Holiday 2009

Well, last year we did the western isles because we had pretty much stretched as far as we could for a two week holiday.  Jen wanted to do another big trip, and Robert was keen to take the boat over Sweden - so plans were made.  Unfortunately, we didn't quite »

Scottish Islands Peak Race 2009

Oh ... did I not mention that after our attempts in 2007 and 2008, we can now finally say that we've completed the Scottish Islands Peak Race! Get in!  Ultimate respect to our runners Ben and Bruce who pushed themselves through this grueling event!  As usual, the weather proved interesting with »

Western Isles Holiday 2008

Ever since our first sailing holiday to Ireland, our plans have become grander ever year.  We've sailed a the full length of the UK, stretched as far north as we go, and gone as far west.  We've always promised to go on a nice 'easy' trip around the western isles »

Channel Isles Holiday 2007

The Channel Isles holiday is/was somewhat of a big deal for me. I've been an active sailor for seven years, covered thousands of miles, participated in several annual sailing holidays and seen my fair share of nasty weather. However, this year marked my biggest challenge - to act as »

Channel Isles Delivery Trip 2007

This year, our annual big sailing holiday was to the Channel Isles. After destinations such as Orkney in 2005 and Iceland last year - well, I didn't think it would be too big a job. After all, the crew have had plenty experience of watches, night sailing, strong weather. Little »

Scottish Three Peaks Race 2007

The Scottish Three Peaks Race is for teams of hill runners and sailors over a long weekend around the beautiful West Coast of Scotland. The Race starts in Oban with a short hill run, then a sail to Salen on Mull, a wee jog over Ben More, another sail to »

Iceland Sailing 2006

After a great holiday, it was eventually time to head home - but not before we made just one last stop. Of course, our stop as in yet another country ;-) We left Reykjavik just after dinner on Friday night, and within ten minutes of leaving the harbour, we spotted »

Iceland Holiday 2006

As the Iceland trip was our most technically complex trip to date, it was agreed that rather than our usual "outbound" and "return" crews, we would help each other. So, for the delivery trip, Robert got the help of Jen, Russ, and me.  Likewise, on the return trip, Robert flew »

Iceland Delivery Trip 2006

Robert has always wanted to sail to St Kilda, so its seemed like a good basis for a sailing trip. But, unfortunately, St Kilda is only accessible in certain weather conditions. We sat in the pub one night thinking of how we could organise the trip, and what we would »

Sailing Weekend

(Troon -> Lamlash -> Troon) Day sailing out of Troon with Jen, Bryan, Kev, Russell, Fiona and Simon »

Sailing Weekend

Day sailing out of Troon with Jen, Bryan, Mhari, Linda and Graham »

Wales Sailing Holiday 2005

7th August 0745 -> 1935 Penarth (Cardiff) -> Swansea 55.6nm / 12 hours Went up the mast, fun with the Swansea locks! 9th August 1010 -> 2034 Swansea -> Neyland 66.1nm / 10.5 hours More fun in the locks, dolphins, blind nav, "come along side early bird". 10th - »

Orkney Holiday 2004

Troon -> Campbelltown - Live MOB for 2 hours Campbelltown -> Ardentrive (Oban) - fast round the mull Ardentrive -> Portree (Syke) - dolphins - skye bridge Portree -> Stromnesss (Orkney) - weather - cape wrath - fog - force 8/9 - cliffs of orkney - tidal window - »

Ireland Delivery Trip

10/July - Troon to Campbeltown 11/July - Cambeltown to Bangor (mob drills) 12/July - Belfast to Troon (Seacat) »

Sailing Weekend

Troon -> Milport (night sail) Milport -> Tarbert (good sail) Tarbert -> Troon (6am - 11am) »

Day Skipper Practical

21/06/2004: Troon -> Milport (Pontoon bashing) 22/06/2004: Milport -> Holy Loch -> Rhu (Pontoon bashing / Pilotage / Blind Nav) 22/06/2004: Rhu -> Largs (night sail) 23/06/2004: Largs -> Milport -> Tarbert (Mooring buoys under sail) 24/06/2004: Tarbert -> Lamlash (Pontoon bashing »

Sailing Weekend

12/06/04: With no real set plan, we left Troon around 10am. Again, we had a bit of trouble getting the mail sail out. Fortunately, we had started in the outer harbour while waiting for the Seacat to come in. After a few laps round the harbour, and sending »

Sailing Weekend

Originally Jenny and I had planned to take the boat out by ourselves and just go sailing for a while. Thankfully, Jenny's Dad decided to come along as well, allowing us to setup a watch system. My watches were simply 2 hours on, 2 hours off - which poses a »

Sailing Weekend

After picking up the crew, including a new addition, Niall, we headed through to the boat. Niall had some friends in Troon, so we joined them in Troon's answer to "Byker Grove" for a couple of drinks. Saturday morning we were up bright and early to start our weekend. We »