USS LudlowI need to check my facts, but Im sure Alex said is was the Ludlow we were diving today - just outside North Berwick. Unfortunately, the Internet seems to be a bit dry (pun intended) on wreck info for this one. I found a couple of Ludlow wrecks, but most of them appear to have been sold for scrap. Anyway, more info once I get confirmation!

Diving wise, the wreck sits in approximately 6 metres of water, on a sandy bottom and is covered in kelp. This is certainly one where you need to get up close and personal and have a good poke around. I was diving on limited air, because I still had 70 bar left from my previous dive at the Bass Rock. I didn't find any of the brass that Alex promised, but it was fun rooting around and shining my torch in various holes! As I said, the wreck is covered in kelp, so there's quite a bit wild life, including a few lobsters. I left Alex and Steven to it once I ran out of air. Quite nice doing a warm, bright, shallow dive to finish of the day :o)